Classy Patent Suits

Blackberry got an injunction against Typo for making an add-on keyboard for a phone. Maybe this can become their prime business? There are SO many qwerty phones and PDAs! Look at this one, it looks like they took a Blackberry 850 and made it fold!

IRS says BTC is not currency

IRS says Bitcoins are property and to be taxed as such. So much goodwill lost… Facebook bought Oculus. Now you can pray they didn’t get enough patents to stifle anyone else. I guess there is at the very least a very large amount of prior art , though probably lacking in online/social detail. King is […Continued]

Email/Call/Bug your MP to stop the Canadian DMCA

There is a bill , C-61 which takes away many rights involving technology. It affects everyone who uses anything electronic and would make many common practices illegal. I urge you to complain to your MP and tell them you won’t vote for them or their party if they vote yes. We’re talking illegal to move […Continued]